In celebration of its 50th Anniversary the Dunedin Pipe Band has adopted a new tartan. The Edgewater Tartan, designed by Iain Donaldson, captures the bright blue Florida skies and waters that define Dunedin’s coastal landscape. “The tartan is a new image for the Bands’ next fifty years,” says Mr. Donaldson, who serves as the Dunedin Scottish Programs Director, Grade 3 Band Pipe Major, and co-owner of Lothian Kilt Rentals and Bagpipe Supplies.

Edgewater Tartan Kilt Lothian Kilt Rentals

For the first time in the bands’ history, the Dunedin Pipe Band is fielding three different grade level bands including Grades 3, 4 and 5. The bands’ core membership is local; however the organization of over 60 members draws musicians from other parts of Florida, Texas, New York, and the Carolinas. All 60+ members of all three grade level bands have been completely re-outfitted over the last year with the new Edgewater Tartan and custom DPB sporrans/cap badges.

DPB Custom Sporran and Cap Badge With Edgewater Tartan

The band will preview the Edgewater Tartan at the Downtown Dunedin Pipe Band March on Friday, April 4th and officially debut the tartan on Saturday, April 5th at the 2014 Dunedin Highland Games. The band will also proudly represent Dunedin and the Edgewater Tartan in August when competing at the North American Pipe Band Championships in Maxville, Ontario (Glengarry Highland Games).

Iain Donaldson with Edgewater Tartan

Iain Donaldson with wife Moira

The Edgewater Tartan, available for rental or purchase at Lothian Kilt Rentals, is not exclusive to the band and can be worn by anyone seeking a vibrant, modern tartan with traditional appeal. Located in Dunedin, Lothian Kilt Rentals is the exclusive retailer and owner of the Edgewater Tartan. Lothian Kilt Rentals is the only kilt rental retail outlet in the state of Florida carrying over 200 kilt outfits on premise, including the Edgewater and other tartans.


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[…] Members of the band are all volunteers and donate their time and efforts to maintain their status as a first-class band. “Dunedin was settled by Scots. The celebration of our Scottish heritage is a vital part of that community. The Scottish arts program centered on piping is something I take pride in, especially when I am wearing our Edgewater tartan.” […]

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